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Child Law

Child Law is an extremely specialised field and at Linda George Family Law we offer representation for children in all legal matters. 

Our skills in handling children’s issues effectively and considerately can have a lasting impact on how a child comes to terms with what can be a tumultuous time in their lives. 

We have the experience to treat children as individuals and the expertise to communicate with them effectively. We are qualified in both child development and specialist interviewing techniques.

So whether it is dealing with children's panels, adoptions, representation of the child in the divorce process or educational and learning difficulties issues we are sensitive to their needs.

Children's Legal Aid - changes within the Scottish Legal Aid Board eligibility last year now require that children's Legal Aid is based on the parents' income.

For more information on issues relating to a breakdown of family relationships, including divorce and separation and how it can involve your children, please view our ‘Your Family – Your Questions Answered’ factsheet.

Parenting Apart
You may also find it helpful to watch the Parenting Apart video with Sheriff Small at Hamilton Sheriff Court. Parenting Apart is an initiative that aims to help families cope with the process of divorce/separation. It allows parents to better understand how their separation can impact upon their children and how they can better manage contact with their children post-separation.