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Separation & Divorce

Family Law
Our philosophy at Linda George Family Law to specialise in the distinct field of family law is underpinned by the fact that we truly care about the wide range of people affected by family legal issues.  

We can advise on everything from parental rights, responsibilities and aliment, to financial support for families and agreements for unmarried parents.

We work with same and opposite gender couples on pre nuptial and co-habitation agreements.

Divorce & Separation
Divorce is regarded as one of the most stressful experiences an individual can go through and it can also be far reaching in its impact on others.

A professional approach combined with a sympathetic and empathetic understanding of the many problems divorce and separation bring, whether financial or emotional, can make a world of difference. We can guide you in the right direction for the support you need to achieve a fair and balanced outcome in what is a deeply anxious situation for all concerned, whether husband, wife, partner or children.

To arrange an informal meeting to discuss your personal situation and how we can help, please call 01698 459200.

For common questions and more information on issues relating to divorce and separation and how it can affect your family, please view our ‘Your Family – Your Questions Answered’ factsheet

Parenting Apart
You may also find it helpful to watch the Parenting Apart video with Sheriff Small at Hamilton Sheriff Court. Parenting Apart is an initiative that aims to help families cope with the process of divorce/separation. It allows parents to better understand how their separation can impact upon their children and how they can better manage contact with their children post-separation.