Child Law

Linda George is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a specialist in child law with qualifications in child psychology and development.

Child Law is an extremely specialised field. Handling children’s issues effectively and considerately can have a lasting impact on how a child comes to terms with what can be one of the most difficult times in their lives.

We can correspond with social workers if they are involved in your case. If your case is before the courts we can assist with the court procedure at the first stage and ensure the court are aware of your position and can deal with any matters in dispute.

Linda George is qualified in both child development and specialist interviewing techniques with the experience to treat children as individuals,  communicate with them effectively and be sensitive to their needs.


Parental Agreements

With the best of intentions and the best will in the world, a child can be a much-desired addition to any family unit but issues can and do arise when one parent has rights and one parent has none.  If you are thinking about or already have a child, whether you have benefited from or are thinking about surrogacy, are a heterosexual or same sex couple, married or not, or perhaps your name is not on your child’s birth certificate, then parental rights and responsibilities must be a paramount consideration for you. We can offer advice, guidance and, we would hope, resolution for you.  Get in touch with us and arrange your initial meeting to discuss your situation.

Child Residence and Contact

Every person in a family is a unique individual with different needs. When a couple separate or divorce, the needs of the children must take priority when agreeing a way forward. If you are unable to agree the arrangements for the care of your children then your case may need to be put before the courts for their decision.  The courts must have the best interests of your children as their paramount consideration and sometimes decisions may be made that you do not agree with.  This is a risk of going to court and an order from the court must be adhered to.

Courts rarely want to get involved when it comes to Child Residence and Contact (‘custody’ and ‘access’), and that is best resolved amicably, between all parties. Discussing the matter with Linda George Family Law can help you consider all your options, discuss the benefits of family mediation and help you come to a decision to best suit the needs of the children while taking account of your rights and responsibilities too.

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