Separation and Divorce

Separation and divorce are among the most stressful events any family can experience. During a time when emotions may be running high, you need an expert in Family Law who can advise you on your rights, but will also take a caring and empathetic view of the overall situation, and apply clear-thinking, to secure the best outcomes for everyone.

We offer an initial meeting at a reduced rate to allow us to meet and discuss your situation with you.  We discuss how your situation is likely to affect you in respect of your children, your finances and any practical alternatives and supporting services that may be of benefit to you.

There are some situations where a division of the family assets is not straightforward and is not simply an 50/50 split.  We can talk this through with you and ensure you have advice relevant to your situation and circumstances.

If you have separated from a cohabiting partner, and you have not been married, the Law changed to offer you some protection to help you redress the balance.  There is a very short timescale in which you can do this.  There are complexities though and if this is your position, please contact us for further bespoke advice.  We have experience with helping same sex partners, whether in a cohabiting relationship, civil partnership or otherwise and the consequences of the breakdown of your relationship.

At Linda George Family Law, we have years of experience in helping people to come to terms with separation and divorce and to guide them towards their new independent futures.


Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Mediation and Dispute Resolution can be an effective method to allow couples to work through difficulties in a level-headed way. Accredited by the Law Society of Scotland, and passionate about the advantages of mediation, our specialist solicitors are on hand to guide you through what will be your process.

Mediation is confidential and far quicker than a court process.  We can help you decide which Dispute Resolution method will work best for you.  Taking your issues straight to court may not be the best or most effective way to deal with your situation.  Our aim is to reach the best possible outcome for you in your particular circumstances.

Find out more about how Linda George can help you with our Mediation and Dispute Resolution Service here.

Child Residence and Contact

This area is always a priority for parents – your children are always uppermost in your thoughts when your relationship breaks down.  What are your rights – do you have any? – these are always coupled with your responsibilities as a parent to direct, guide and support your children through a time which is at least as difficult for your children as it is for you – probably more so.  Here at Linda George Family Law we deal with all issues from fathers and mothers wishing to increase their time with their children to mothers and fathers anxious and worried about the effects of separation on their children. We can talk these concerns through with you and help you reach a solution – by negotiation, mediation, agreement or litigation (Court).

Every person in a family is a unique individual with different needs. When a couple separate or divorce, the needs of the children must take priority when agreeing a way forward, while still taking account of the rights and responsibilities of the parents too. If your position is put before the courts for their decision, the Law in Scotland sets out quite clearly that the courts MUST have the best interests of your child or children as their paramount concern.

Find out more about Child Residence and Contact and how we can help you work towards the best resolution for all concerned.

Financial Matrimonial Issues

When it comes to separation and divorce, finances are a huge concern and often need some level of initial intervention and initial agreement, particularly when there is a home and perhaps children to be considered.

If you have financial assets, a business or perhaps an inheritance then you would benefit from our experience and guidance at an early stage.  Assets can be divided by agreement and we can help with that.  A Minute of Agreement is a legally binding contract between you and your spouse or partner and can be set up with the help of our mediation services, or simply by way of negotiation.

An interesting fact; did you know that if property is gifted to you, or inherited by you then your spouse may have no claim to that?

Usually, financial assets can include the family home, savings, pensions and business interests. Working through financial issues when individuals are stressed and emotional is seldom straightforward. Linda George Family Law can help guide you through the financial maze towards positive solutions.

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